A Just Patterns Linda Dress

My second make as part of the Just Patterns Development group is the wonderful Linda wrap dress. I have already made the Kate bias top, but haven’t had the chance to photograph it properly yet (and I want to do it justice as it’s a great pattern too), so I have skipped ahead to this brilliant dress pattern.

I made a toile and had a few fit issues (mostly gaping on the top and sleeves) so I decided to make a size 40 for the skirt, and grade down to a size 38 on the top. I wanted to make the dress in a nice and warm wool, as winter is just around the corner, and Edinburgh’s selection of wools didn’t disappoint!

Edinburgh Fabrics probably has the best selection in the city – although most at jaw dropping prices. I had really admired the camel-coloured sample made by Delphine of Just Patterns, and was looking for something similar and got lucky when I found some discount wool flannel in a great colour for £15 p/m, down from £25, and whilst I think it is a bit heavier than suggested it still works. Unfortunately it is a teeny bit scratchy, so I’m planning on making a slip to wear it comfortably, although this isn’t a bad thing as it is very low cut!

I have to say that I found making this dress a real joy! Just Patterns have a very basic skeleton set of instructions for each of their patterns, with a really helpful resource page for any techniques you are unsure of. Whilst it’s a bit intimidating to get started I feel like I learned some great techniques and will remember them better compared to sewing other patterns. As I had to independently learn the individual techniques involved to make sense of the pattern, I referred to the instructions less and less amore compliments from colleagues than any other garment I have ever worn, whether RTW or hand made. I have also spied the sleeveless version on Delphine’s Instagram feed (@sewingtidbits), and I think another wool sleeveless version to wear with a shirt to work would be awesome!

Thanks also my colleague Kenneth for once again taking time to take some lunch break shots and have a chat in the grimy street behind our office –  not sure what we were talking about here!

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  1. September 27, 2017

    It looks so good! I am equally happy with my version of this dress! I see it being a good work wardrobe staple.

    You’re so lucky to have Edinburgh Fabrics close by, I visited the shop when on holiday this Summer and the selection there was great!

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