A Named Clothing Inari Tee Dress

After, frankly, an exhausting summer I have finally managed to find some time, not only to make the Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing, but also to blow away the e-cobwebs from my blog and post about it!

I have been wanting to make this pattern for a while, but have been a bit nervous about the length and shape of the dress and whether or not it would make me look like I was wearing a tent. I was also a bit nervous of the fit over my thighs, as they usually run about a size larger than the rest of my figure.

So, to combat these potential fit issues I lengthened it by 6cm and also graded from a size 10 on the top to a size 12 on the bottom.

After these small adjustments I knocked up the Named Clothing Inari Tee dress in an hour or two, and also a matching cropped top version with the leftovers in the same afternoon. I had been saving a lovely quilted ponte roma which I bought from Fabric Godmother a while back, and I am really pleased I used it as I think it lifted what would have a rather boring dress. I also used T-shirt ribbing from Backstitch to finish the neckline.

I am really pleased with the finished dress, it is so comfortable and paired with a pair of big boots and my Merchant and Mills ‘The Strand’ coat, I am ready for the beautiful autumn we are having in Edinburgh.

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