A Seamwork Leonora Denim Skirt

I’ve recently signed up to Seamwork magazine, and Leonora is my first attempt at one of their patterns. I thought that this denim skirt was nice and summery, yet warm enough to get through the Scottish ‘summer’ – I also opted for the tea-length hack and added the slanted pockets which were a bonus for subscribers. One of the loveliest things about making this skirt is that I won the denim for my entry in #MIYMarch – thank you so much Ditto Fabrics, it’s an awesome colour and has been great to work with!!!

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but because I have a smallish waist in comparison to the size of my bum I find that RTW denim skirts have a tendency to slowly ride up as I walk. So with this in mind, I re-measured myself super accurately (and didn’t pretend that my waist is ½” smaller than it actually is) and cut out the pattern at a size US8/UK10 at the waist going up two whole sizes to the hip/bum.

In the past I haven’t got on very well with Colette’s patterns and have had to make SO MANY fit adjustments, or in the case of the Wren dress just gave up after 3 toiles! Annoyingly, although not surprising, it appears that I have the same problem with Seamwork patterns. I didn’t really have time to make a toile (honestly, I probably did… I was just being lazy) and so I fitted the garment to myself after it was cut out, and it was HUGE! I had to take about an inch off the waist and about 3” off the waist and hips, for a whole night I was tweaking the fit here and there, but eventually got it right. In terms of the tea length hack, the suggestion was to add 13-14” – if I had adhered to it, the skirt would have been floor length as I am quite short! Instead, I added 8”, and it was still a bit long, so I took it up another couple of inches.

The rest of the construction was relatively simple. I really enjoyed sewing the waistband – it was surprisingly easy, and I’ve also added some rivets and jeans buttons. Despite initially struggling to achieve a decent fit, I am quite happy with the finished skirt. I could have made it a smidge tighter, but on the whole I think that frustrating night of fitting was worth it. I am wondering whether a curved pocket, rather than a slanted one might allow the skirt to lie a bit better around the hips (Seamwork has written a guide should I ever fancy it)… but on the whole, I’m pretty damn pleased. I think this skirt will be really useful for work and play! The next Seamwork pattern I have downloaded is the Delavan jacket…

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  1. Barbara Turvey
    April 17, 2017

    Nice pics Georgie, the skirt is really nice. Well done

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