A By Hand London Kim Dress

Like many other late-twenty-something year olds, I attend loads of weddings each year. This summer, I have three or four left and I’m going to make a different dress for each one. This is a By Hand London Kim dress for wedding number two, which is at the end of the month. I’ve been too scared to attempt a By Hand London pattern after the disaster of my first attempt at the Georgia dress (don’t ask)!

This dress is 100% copied from an Instagram post by Devon Iott (or @missmake) and features a Kim bodice and a simple gathered skirt with waistband. When I saw her BEAUT-iful dress, I fell completely in love. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so thank you Devon for your instructions you kindly included in your Instagram which meant I could copy you!

For this piece, I used a lovely crepe from Fabric Galore that my boyfriend bought in me in exchange for repairing all his jeans last year, which is definitely the best form of payment! I graded between sizes 12/14 for my first bodice toile, although when I tried it on, it was pretty big so I took in about 2cm on each side – I also had to shorten the straps a wee bit. The biggest problem was underarm fabric sagging, as there was about 3cm of additional fabric. I read a lot about how to fit princess seams and fixing this problem but didn’t really find many answers, so I confess I just added a bust dart… is this total sacrilege? I feel that mixing princess seams and bust darts is probably a big no no, but it did the trick and the dress fits beautifully now.

As described by Devon in her Instagram post, the skirt is four full length panels simply gathered with a cheeky knee length split. Whilst mainly being a bit of fun, it’s also a necessity for a Scottish wedding if I want to ceilidh!

I love this dress. It was really pretty easy to make, and after a few tweaks it fits beautifully. To finish off the outfit I’m planning on making a little red jacket to go with the dress. I don’t think I’d be allowed in the church without something to cover my shoulders, although there isn’t much time left, so I better get cracking. Oh, and DEAR GOD taking pictures of the dress this afternoon was so embarrassing. I got so many odd looks, and completely crushed a kid’s spirit when I told her I wasn’t a model. Oh well.

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  1. Jane
    July 2, 2017

    This is so beautiful! Do you mind me asking a quick question? How is the waistband/ sash attached – it finishes it off so nicely!

    • Georgia
      July 4, 2017

      Hi Jane, the waistband is just fastened at the back with hooks and eyes, and that’s all – it is attached at all!

  2. Aude
    August 13, 2018

    Hi Georgia, this is a beautiful Kim dress ! How much tissu did you use ? I plane to sew one, I don’t know if 3 meters are enough…
    Thanks a lot !

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