A good bit of bad luck…


A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade my faithful Janome 525s. Although it was a great bit of kit, I was starting to get frustrated with one or two things, and thought it was perhaps time get something a bit better.

After a bit of research, I decided to get the Janome DKS100, as it seemed to get good reviews and be popular amongst other sewers. I went to my local Edinburgh dealer David Drummond, and was so impressed that I bought it there and then. It was awesome for three weeks, and then suddenly, my foot pedal stopped working. After speaking to the shop they replaced it with a brand new one – apparently there was an issue with foot pedal’s connection to the machine. This time, after only five days of use, the pedal stopped working again… I couldn’t believe it.

After spending so much money I was rather upset, and once again called up the shop, who were as surprised as I was. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do next – I didn’t really want another DKS100, as it was clear that the machine was not all it lived up to be! Before I had much of a chance to worry about it, the owner of the shop offered to upgrade me to a Janome Atelier 3 for free. I’ve had my new machine for a few days now, and it is working absolutely beautifully.

So, whilst it would have been nice to have had a working machine from the get-go, the situation has certainly worked itself out in my favour! A big thank you to David Drummond’s for their awesome customer service in resolving a less than ideal situation.


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