A pair of patchwork cushions


My lovely twin sisters Antonia and Rachael had their birthday last month, and much to my shame I have only just got round to finishing their birthday presents. The lateness of my gifts is hopefully slightly mitigated by the fact they that are lovingly made by hand! I wanted to make them a nice and cheerful cushion with some bright fabrics, whilst at the same time practising my free-motion embroidery skills. I also had some nice off-cuts of chambray from a previous project, and some cushion wadding in my sewing room needing to be used.

Rather than trawl through online fabric shops I went for the easier option of popping into John Lewis haberdashery on my lunch break and picked up these lovely fabrics that worked nicely together. For a change, I also planned what I was going to make – rather than run headlong into the project with little or no idea how it was going to turn out, which is what I often do.

I made up a quick plan on photoshop, using photographs of the fabrics and doodling some possible designs and seeing how they would look together.

Overall I am really pleased. I hope my sisters will like them, despite the lateness (if they don’t I think Wallace the cat will have them!). It has given me an opportunity to practice free-motion embroidery, use up a few bits and bobs that would otherwise gather dust, and has been a great exercise in planning something before starting!

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